What Cities and Counties are Issuing Cannabis Business Licenses?

Good News!

Many Cities and Counties have identified areas in their jurisdictions areas where commercial cannabis businesses could potentially be establish, based on the current draft zoning and buffering requirements.

The information IS NOT exhaustive of all potential Cities and Counties.

There may other Cities and Counties who may have enacted a cannabis business ordinance.  It is best to search on the web for the City or County you would like to operate your cannabis business in to ascertain whether or not a cannabis business application processes is available, open for application submission, and if the type of license you are seeking is allowed and not capped.

Be advised, this information is provided as a good START for your due diligence search for potential locations for your licensed California cannabis business.  Each City or County have differing application requirements and limit/cap the number of certain licenses (such as Retail).

Anyone seeking to be a licensed cannabis business must directly contact the City or County where they seek to establish a cannabis business to research and obtained current updated information on local requirements that are in addition to the State requirements that our office has already researched and will create for your license type for your use.

The list is provided for general informational purposes only.  Anyone seeking to be a licensed cannabis business should seek the assistance of a professional in the area of California cannabis business formation and regulatory compliance.

1.    Adelanto

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Transportation, Testing

ii.        Zoning:  Airport Development District, Light Manufacturing, Manufacturing Industrial and Business Park Zones.

iii.        Zoning:  LI, MI, ADD

iv.        Zoning Map:  blue and red areas available https://www.ci.adelanto.ca.us/DocumentCenter/Home/View/630

v.        Application:  https://www.ci.adelanto.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/816/NEW-Cannabis-Application

vi.        Additional Info:  https://www.ci.adelanto.ca.us/202/Medical-Marijuana

2.    Alameda City

i.        Testing, Dispensary (delivery only)

ii.        Zoning:  C-I and C-M

iii.        More Information:  https://alamedaca.gov/economic-development/cannabis-business-information

3.    Alameda County

i.        Dispensary (3), Cultivation (10), Testing, Delivery

ii.        Applications:  download here.

iii.        More Info:  https://www.acgov.org/cda/planning/landuseprojects/medical-cannabis.htm

4.    Antioch

i.        Dispensary, Manufacturing, Cultivation

ii.        Zoning:  CB zoning overlay district.

iii.        Zoning Map:   https://www.antiochca.gov/fc/community-development/planning/CannabisOverlayMap.pdf

iv.        Guidelines and Application:  https://www.antiochca.gov/fc/community-development/planning/cannabis-guidelines-fe-081218.pdf

5.    Arcata

i.        Cultivation; Dispensaries; Manufacturing (volatile accepted); Delivery; Distribution; Transportation; Testing

ii.        Zoning: https://www.cityofarcata.org/DocumentCenter/View/4948

iii.        Permit info:  https://www.cityofarcata.org/691/Commercial-Cannabis-Activity-Permit

6.    Baldwin Park

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution (Dispensary Prohibited)

ii.        Zoning:  Industrial Commercial and Industrial Zones

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.baldwinpark.com/community-development/planning

7.    Benicia

i.        Commercial Cultivation – Zoning: IL and IG (indoors only)

ii.        Laboratories and testing – Zoning:  IL, IG, IP and CO

iii.        Manufacturing – Zoning:  IL, IG, IP and IW

iv.        Distribution – Zoning:  IL, IG, IP and IW

v.        Microbusiness (1) Zoning: IL, IG, IP and IW

vi.        Retail (2) – Zoning: CC, CG and CW

vii.        More Info:  https://www.ci.benicia.ca.us/

8.    Berkeley

i.        Cultivation, Manufacture, Testing

ii.        Zoning: M zones

iii.        Zoning Certificate Application:  https://www.cityofberkeley.info/uploadedFiles/Online_Service_Center/Planning/ZC_BL_TRF_2013.pdf

iv.        More Info: https://www.cityofberkeley.info/MedicalCannabis/

9.    Blythe

i.        Cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution (no limit)

ii.        Zoning:  I-S

iii.        More Info:  https://cityofblythe.ca.gov/Calendar.aspx?EID=570

10. Brisbane

i.        Manufacture, Distribution, Testing, Delivery

11. Calexico

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution

ii.        More Info:  htttp://www.calexico.ca.gov/vertical/sites/%7B342ED706-1EBB-4FDE-BD1E-9543BAD44C09%7D/uploads/CANNABIS_APPLICATION_FINAL_FORM(1).pdf

12. Carson:  Deadline for Applications 2/14/19

i.        Cultivation, Manufacture, Distribution, Testing

ii.        Zoning:  Commercial and Manufacturing

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://ci.carson.ca.us/content/files/pdfs/planning/cannabis/Map3_Eligible-IneligibleLocations_Commercial_Cannabis_Operations.pdf

iv.        Application:  https://ci.carson.ca.us/content/files/pdfs/latestnews/cannabis/CannabisCenterPermit_Application_022018.pdf

v.        More information:  https://ci.carson.ca.us/Default.aspx

13. Cathedral City

i.        Cultivation, Dispensary, Manufacturing, Distribution, Testing, Lounge

ii.        Zoning Map: https://www.cathedralcity.gov/home/showdocument?id=5350

§  Manufacturing: light industrial; commercial business park

§  Dispensaries, cultivation: virtually all commercial zones

iii.        12/18/18 New Cannabis License Checklist:  https://www.cathedralcity.gov/home/showdocument?id=5784

iv.        12/18/18:  New Cannabis Application:  https://www.cathedralcity.gov/home/showdocument?id=5783

v.        More Info:  https://www.cathedralcity.gov/business/cannabis

14. Cloverdale

i.        cultivation, dispensaries, delivery, manufacturing, distribution, testing

15. Coachella

i.        Dispensary, Microbusinesses, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution, Delivery, Testing, Consumption Lounge

ii.        Zoning Map: https://www.coachella.org/home/showdocument?id=1232

§  Cultivation: M-W zone, cannabis overlay zone

iii.        More Information:  https://www.coachella.org/departments/development-services/cannabis-regulations

16. Coalinga

i.        Cultivation; Nurseries; Manufacturing (nonvolatile & volatile); Distribution; Testing; Dispensary (1)

ii.        Zoning: Commercial Service (CS), Commercial General (CG), and Manufacturing Business Light (MBL). 100 foot buffer from a residential districts.

iii.        Zoning Map: https://www.coalinga.com/uploads/1501023259_Lands_Zoned_for_Cannabis_Operations.pdf

iv.        Application Permitting Matrix: https://www.coalinga.com/uploads/1501024125_City_of_Coalinga_Cannabis_Permit_Processing_Matrix.pdf

v.        Application Checklist: https://www.coalinga.com/uploads/1501024092_Coalinga_Commercal_MM_Application_Checklist_-_Updated_7-25-2017.pdf

vi.        Application Form with Requirements: https://www.coalinga.com/uploads/1501024048_Cannabis_Application_Form_with_Requirements.pdf

vii.        Letter of Authorization:  Contact Tawnya Stevens at Mid-State Realty at (559) 935-5123.

17. Colusa

i.        Manufacture, Testing, Distribution

ii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofcolusa.com/

18. Costa Mesa

i.        Manufacturing; Transport; Distribution; Testing.

ii.        Zoning: North of South Coast Drive, west of Harbor Boulevard, south of MacArthur Boulevard and east of the Santa Ana River.

19. Davis

i.        Dispensaries; Delivery; Manufacturing (volatile & nonvolatile); Testing

ii.        Zoning: Industrial & Commercial Land Use

iii.        More information    https://cityofdavis.org/city-hall/community-development-and-sustainability/medical-cannabis-information

20. Desert Hot Springs

i.        Dispensary, delivery, cultivation (indoor and mixed-light), manufacturing (volatile and nonvolatile), distribution, and testing.

ii.        Zoning – I-L, I-M, I-E – Dispensary only in Commercial zones.

iii.        Zoning Map:    https://www.cityofdhs.org/Planning_Documents

iv.        More Info:  https://www.cityofdhs.org/Medical_Marijuana_Information

21. Dixon

i.        Dispensary, cultivation (indoor-only), manufacturing (volatile and nonvolatile), distribution, transportation and testing

ii.        Zoning:  Light Industrial, Heavy Industrial

iii.        Application:  https://www.ci.dixon.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/8194]

22. El Monte

i.        Medical only:  Cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and laboratory testing.

ii.        Zoning:  M-1 (Light Manufacturing), M-2 (General Manufacturing), C-3 (General Commercial) and O-P (Professional Office)

iii.        Maps:

§  Northwest:  https://www.ci.el-monte.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/1926/Ordinance-Exhibit-A—Northwest

§  East Valley:  https://www.ci.el-monte.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/1924/Ordinance-Exhibit-A—East-Valley-Entryway

§  Flair Park (testing only) https://www.ci.el-monte.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/1924/Ordinance-Exhibit-A—East-Valley-Entryway

iv.        Application Procedure:  https://www.ci.el-monte.ca.us/DocumentCenter/View/1938/1-Application-Procedures

v.        More Info:   https://www.ci.el-monte.ca.us/549/Cannabis-Guidelines

23. Emeryville

i.        Dispensary, Manufacture, Distribution, Delivery

ii.        Zoning Map and More Info:  https://www.ci.emeryville.ca.us/1191/Cannabis-Business-Information

24. Eureka

i.        Cultivation, Dispensary, Distribution, Manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile) Delivery, Testing

ii.        Zoning Map:  https://gis.ci.eureka.ca.gov/pdfs/zoning.pdf

iii.        https://gis.ci.eureka.ca.gov/flexviewers/med_can_permit_viewer/

iv.        More Info:   https://www.ci.eureka.ca.gov/

25. Firebaugh

i.        Cultivation, manufacturing, testing, and distribution

ii.        Zoning:  M-2

iii.        More Info:  https://firebaugh.org/

26. Fresno

i.        Manufacturing, extraction, testing, distribution, delivery, and dispensary. Adult-use prohibited at this time.

ii.        More Info:  https://www.fresno.gov/cityattorney/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2018/01/Medical-Marijuana-FAQs.pdf

27. Goleta 12/12 CCM Adopted resolution, including the cannabis business tax measure.

i.        Dispensary, cultivation, manufacture, testing, distribution

ii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofgoleta.org/city-hall/finance/business-license-program/cannabis-business-license

28. Gonzalez

i.        Cultivation/Manufacture (5)

ii.        More Info:  https://www.ci.gonzales.ca.us/

29. Greenfield

i.        Medical and adult-use for dispensary, delivery, cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and testing.

ii.        Zoning:  Light Industrial, Highway Commercial

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://ci.greenfield.ca.us/documentcenter/view/668

iv.        More Info:  https://ci.greenfield.ca.us/

30. Grover Beach

i.        Cultivation; Manufacturing; Transportation; Distribution; Testing; Dispensary

ii.        Zoning: Industrial (I); Coastal Industrial (CI); Coastal Industrial Commercial (CIC)

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.grover.org/index.aspx?NID=333

31. Imperial Beach – Applications available 1/29/19 to 5/4/19

i.        Retail (1)

ii.        More Information:  https://www.imperialbeachca.gov/

32. Inyo County

i.        Dispensary, cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing and delivery

ii.        Zoning:  Open space, light and heavy industrial, general commercial, rural residential (cultivation only), central business and retail (dispensary only)

iii.        Draft Zoning Map: https://inyoplanning.org/documents/DRAFTZoningMaps.pdf

33. Jurupa Valley

i.        Dispensary, delivery, cultivation (indoor), distribution, manufacturing, and testing.

ii.        Zoning:  Dispensary C-1/C-P and R-VC; All others C-/C-P, MS-C, B-P and R-VC

iii.        More Info:  https://www.jurupavalley.org/

34. King City

i.        Cultivation (indoor only); Manufacturing (allowing volatile solvents in some areas); Testing and Distribution (No Dispensaries or Cultivation)

ii.        Zoning – M-1, M-2, M-3

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.kingcity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/King-City-Zoning-Map-24x24_150331.pdf

iv.        Additional Information:    https://qcode.us/codes//kingcity/?view=desktop&topic=17-17_03

35. Lake County

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distributor, Testing

ii.        Zoning:

§  Type N and P Cannabis Manufacturing C2, C3, M1, M2, and PDC

§  Type 6 Non-Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing APZ, A, TPZ, C3, M1, M2, and PDC

§  Type  7 Volatile Cannabis Manufacturing M2

§  Type 11 Cannabis Distributor C3, M1, M2, and PDC

§  Distributor (Transport Only_ C2, C3, M1, M2, and PDC

§  Distribution APZ, A, TPZ, RL, RR, SR, C2, C3, M1, M2, and PDC

§  Cannabis Processor APZ, A, TPZ, and RL

§  Testing Laboratory C2, C3, M1, M2 AND PDC

iii.        More Information:  https://www.lakecountyca.gov/Assets/Departments/CDD/Marijuana+Cultivation+Ordinance/Cannabis+Policy/CCC+Application+Packet.pdf

36. Lakeport

i.        Cultivation, processing, manufacturing, testing, distribution, delivery, and retail.

ii.        Application:   https://www.cityoflakeport.com/FCKEditor/userfiles/file/Commercial%20Cannabis%20Permit%20Application%20%26%20Checklist_docx.pdf

iii.        More Info:  https://www.cityoflakeport.com/departments/page.aspx?deptID=36&id=229

37. La Mesa

i.        Dispensary/Manufacturing/Cultivation

ii.        Cultivation/Manufacturing Zoning: https://www.cityoflamesa.com/DocumentCenter/View/9554

iii.        Dispensary Zoning: https://www.cityoflamesa.com/DocumentCenter/View/9556

iv.        More Info:  https://cityoflamesa.com/1425/Measure-U-Medical-Marijuana

38. Lemon Grove

i.        Dispensaries

ii.        Zoning: Heavy commercial; Limited commercial; General commercial; Light commercial

iii.        Zoning Map: https://www.lemongrove.ca.gov/home/showdocument?id=1819

39. Lompoc 12/11/18  CCM approved cannabis testing in the industrial districts.

i.        Dispensary, delivery, cultivation (indoor and mixed light) manufacture, distribution and testing

ii.        Zoning: C-O, I, Dispensaries: OCT District

iii.        Zoning Map:   https://www1.cityoflompoc.com/departments/comdev/pdf/LompocZoning.pdf

iv.        Ordinance:  https://www1.cityoflompoc.com/councilagenda/2017/171107/n08a02.pdf

40. Long Beach

i.        Distribution/Cultivation/Manufacturing/Testing

ii.        Please see this link for zoning map – pink areas = acceptable: https://www.longbeach.gov/finance/media-library/documents/business-info/business-licenses/marijuana-applications/marijuana-dispensary-buffer-map/

iii.        For more info: https://www.longbeach.gov/finance/business-info/business-licenses/cannabis-business-information/

41. Los Angeles – Phase III – the large number of applications from Phase I and Phase II has extended the waiting period to a few months.  In the meantime, here are the key points to remember for applicants: a)Phase III is open to general applicants, b)Tier 1 and Tier 2 Social Equity Applicants will receive priority processing, c)The City will process one general retail applicant for every two Social Equity Applicants d)Non-retail applicants will see one general retail application processed for every Social Equity Applicant.

i.        Cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing, delivery, microbusiness

ii.        Prop D and Social Equity Program Priority

iii.        Zoning:  C1 Limited Commercial Zone, C1.5 Limited Commercial Zone, C2 Commercial Zone, C4 Commercial Zone, C5 Commercial Zone, CM Commercial Manufacturing Zone, M1 Limited Industrial Zone, M2 Light Industrial Zone, or M3 Heavy Industrial Zone.

iv.        Zoning Info:  https://zimas.lacity.org/

v.        More Information:  https://cannabis.lacity.org/

42. Marin County

i.        Delivery only

ii.        Draft Application Guide:  https://www.marincounty.org/~/media/files/maringov/main/medicalcannabis/docs/marinmedicinalcannabislicenseapplicationappsubmittalguidepd1041318.pdf?la=en

43. Maywood

i.        Cultivation/Dispensary/Distribution/Manufacturing

ii.        Zoning: Commercial Manufacturing [CM] and Industrial [M]

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://evogov.s3.amazonaws.com/media/100/media/35931.pdf

44. Mendocino County

i.        Dispensary, Manufacture, Cultivation, Testing, Distribution

§  Zoning:

§  Application process:  https://www.mendocinocounty.org/government/agriculture/cannabis-cultivation

§  For more info: https://www.co.mendocino.ca.us/agriculture/Cannabis.htm

45. Mendota

i.        Cultivation (indoor), Manufacture, Distribution, Testing

ii.        More Info: https://ci.mendota.ca.us/

46. Modesto (dispensary applications ended 2/21/18)

i.        Cultivation (indoor/mixed light), manufacture, testing, dispensary, microbusiness

ii.        Zoning:  Cultivation M-1 and M-2; Manufacture  C-M, M-1 and M-2: Testing and Dispensary:  M-1, C2, C-3, C-M

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://gis.modestogov.com/?visibleLayers=zoning

iv.        More Info:  https://www.modestogov.com/cannabis

47. Montebello

i.        Cultivation, manufacturing, distribution and delivery

ii.        Zoning:  M-1 and M-2

iii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofmontebello.com/images/3-public-notices/Public_Notice_re_Cannabis_Applications_3_6_18.pdf

48. Monterey County

i.        Cultivation; Nurseries; Dispensaries; Manufacturing (volatile & non-volatile); Delivery; Distribution; Testing

ii.        More Info:              https://www.co.monterey.ca.us/government/departments-i-z/resource-management-agency-rma-/planning/faq-s/cannabis-permitting-information

49. Moreno Valley

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Dispensary and Distribution

ii.        12/18/18 New Application:   https://www.moval.org/cannabis/

50. Morro Bay

i.        Dispensaries (2), Distribution, and Delivery

ii.        Zoning:  C-1, C-2, M-1

iii.        More Info:  https://www.morro-bay.ca.us/

51. Mountain View:  Application deadline 2/1/19

      i.        Dispensary (2), Delivery (2)

    ii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.mountainview.gov/documents/Informational%20Cannabis%20Land%20Use%20Map.pdf

   iii.        More Info:  https://www.mountainview.gov/depts/comdev/planning/activeprojects/cannabis.asp

52. Needles

i.        Dispensary, Distribution, Cultivation, Manufacture (volatile and non-volatile), Testing, Delivery

ii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofneedles.com/index.html

53. Nevada City

i.        Dispensary, delivery and testing

ii.        More information  https://www.nevadacityca.gov/pview.aspx?id=20817&catid=564

54. Oakland

i.        Cultivation; Distributors; Testing; Manufacturers (volatile); Delivery, Dispensary (8) 4- Equity and 4 General

ii.        Zoning: https://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?webmap=7a3c6162dece49e7adb12f3a08c82fd8&extent=-122.3928,37.7097,-122.0609,37.8748

iii.        Equity Program for Adult Use

iv.        City’s webpage: https://www2.oaklandnet.com/government/o/CityAdministration/d/SpecialPermits/oak064043

v.        Frequently Asked Questions: https://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca1/groups/cityadministrator/documents/agenda/oak063331.pdf

vi.        Ordinance: https://www2.oaklandnet.com/oakca1/groups/cityadministrator/documents/agenda/oak063511.pdf

55. Pacifica

i.        Manufacture, Testing, Dispensary

ii.        Zoning: C-1, C-2, C-3

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.cityofpacifica.org/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?BlobID=12907

iv.        More Info:  https://www.cityofpacifica.org/depts/asd/finance/business_startup/cannabis_business_program.asp

56. Palm Desert

i.        Only Lab/Testing Facility Applications Open at this time

ii.        More Information:  Contact Palm Desert Principal Planner Eric Ceja at (760) 346-0611 or [email protected].

iii.        Website:  https://www.cityofpalmdesert.org/our-city/departments/planning/marijuana-cannabis

57. Palm Springs

i.        Cultivation; Dispensary; Manufacturing; Distribution; Transportation; Testing, Lounge (on-site consumption)

ii.        Application: https://www.palmspringsca.gov/home/showdocument?id=54100

iii.        Zoning: https://www.palmspringsca.gov/home/showdocument?id=53952

iv.        Zoning Maps can be found: https://www.palmspringsca.gov/government/departments/planning/zoning-code-and-zoning-map

58. Parlier

i.        Cultivation (indoor and mixed-light), manufacturing (volatile and nonvolatile), distribution, and testing

ii.        Zoning:  M-1

iii.        More Info:  https://parlier.ca.us/

59. Pasadena – Begin Accepting Commercial Applications 1/1/19

i.        Retail Stores (may deliver)(6), Cultivation (4) indoor, Testing (4)

ii.        Commercial Cannabis Screening Application:  https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/planning/wp-content/uploads/sites/56/2017/08/Screening-Application-Information-Packet-11.28.18.pdf

iii.        More Info:  https://ww5.cityofpasadena.net/planning/marijuana-regulations/

60. Paso Robles

i.        Delivery only (other cannabis businesses licenses should be allowed soon).

61. Patterson

i.        Commercial cultivation is only permitted indoors

ii.        Zoning:  Light Industrial (LI), Heavy Industrial (HI), West Patterson Industrial Business Park (IBP), or West Patterson Light Industrial (IL) District, or in other districts as specified in a Development Agreement, Conditional Use Permit and applicable zoning code provisions.

62. Perris 12/12 Adopted the cannabis distribution and manufacturing tax measure.

i.        Manufacturing, Distribution, Cultivation (indoor and mixed-light), Testing

ii.        Zoning: Commercial Neighborhood (CN); Commercial Community (CC); Industrial

§  Zoning Map: https://www.cityofperris.org/city-hall/zoning/2016-zone-map.pdf

iii.        Application link: https://www.cityofperris.org/city-hall/forms/MedicalMarijuanaDispensaryPermitApplication.pdf

63. Point Arena

i.        Dispensary, Manufacture, Cultivation, Testing, Distribution

ii.        More Info:  https://pointarena.net/

64. Port Hueneme

i.        Dispensaries; Cultivation; Delivery; Manufacturing (volatile & non-volatile); Testing

ii.        More info (including zoning, etc.): https://www.ci.port-hueneme.ca.us/index.aspx?nid=1050

65. Rio Vista

i.        Cultivation, dispensaries, delivery

66. Riverbank

i.        Delivery, Dispensary, Cultivation

ii.        Zoning:  Cannery District (CD), Industrial District (I) or Light Industrial District (M-1)

iii.        Application:  https://www.riverbank.org/documentcenter/view/1420

67. Riverside County 12/26/18 Planning Commission Begins Accepting Applications for

i.        Nurseries, distribution, manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile), testing

ii.        Applications for Retail and Cultivation uses will not be accepted by the Planning Department however, the Board approved an Implementation Plan for Retail and Cultivation uses, which establishes a proposal process by which the County will seek and evaluate proposals from interested parties. This proposal process will include pre-registration by interested applicants, and the issuance of a Request for Proposals by the Planning Department.  This process is anticipated to begin in early January 2019.

iii.        More Information:  https://planning.rctlma.org/Home/Cannabis.aspx

68. Sacramento

i.        Manufacturing (ethanol), Testing, Cultivation, Distribution, Microbusiness

ii.        Zoning: C-2, C-4, M-1, M1S, M-2, M-2S, MIP and MRD

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.cityofsacramento.org/-/media/Corporate/Files/Finance/Revenue/Marijuana/Maps—All-Districts.pdf?la=en

iv.        CORE Social Equity Program Info:  https://bit.ly/2oNXxvt

v.        For more information: https://www.cityofsacramento.org/Finance/Revenue/Sacramento-Marijuana-Information/Business-Information

69. Salinas

i.        Dispensary, delivery, cultivation, manufacturing, and distribution, testing. Adult-use testing is already permitted.

ii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofsalinas.org/our-city-services/city-manager/economic-development/commercial-cannabis-businesses

70. San Bernardino CCM adopted Ordinance amending regulations to (1) make exceptions to sensitive use buffer zones where an intervening structure is present, (2) clarify that an actual finding of a violation must be made before an applicant could be prohibited from applying for or holding a commercial cannabis permit, (3) change the term of the permit from 1 to 3 years, and (4) provide City Council with discretion to authorize more permits.

71. San Carlos

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturer (type 1, non-volatile) Manufacturer (type 2, volatile), Testing, Distribution and Microbusiness

ii.        Zoning: GCI, IA, IL, IH (No Cultivation in IA and Testing also in IP)

72. San Diego

i.        Cultivation, Testing, Manufacturing, Dispensary

ii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.sandiego.gov/development-services/zoning/zoninggridmap

iii.        Zoning Map Check:  https://san-diego.zoningcheck.com/

iv.        General Info;  sandiego.gov/marijuanainfo

73. San Francisco –

i.        Dispensary – now with on site consumption application found here: https://www.sfdph.org/dph/files/EHSdocs/Cannabis/Cannabis_Consumption_Application.pdf  

ii.        Taking applications in the future for Cultivation, manufacture, distribution, testing and delivery

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://sf-planning.org/zoning-maps

iv.        More Information:  https://officeofcannabis.sfgov.org/

v.        Dispensary: You can apply for a Cannabis Business Permit if

§  qualifies for the Equity Program

§  holds a temporary permit from the Office of Cannabis

§  is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary with a permit under Article 33 from the Department of Public Health 9/20 Proposed Article 16 and 33 Changes available for comment until 10/20:  https://officeofcannabis.sfgov.org/node/2699

§  applied for an Article 33 Permit from the Department of Public Health that required referral to and approval by the Planning Commission before September 26, 2017

§  registered with the Office of Cannabis in 2017, proved existing activity, signed and complied with an affidavit

§  operated in compliance with the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and were forced to stop operations as a result of federal prosecution or threat of federal prosecution

vi.        The City’s goal is to issue at least half of all cannabis permits to Equity businesses before allowing any other types of cannabis businesses to apply.

74. San Jacinto

i.        Cultivation, Manufacturing, Testing, Distribution

§  Zoning:  IL – Light Industrial Zone and Dispensaries

75. San Jose

i.        Cultivation, Manufacture, Dispensary (16, no new apps), Distribution

ii.        Zoning:  CIC, IP, LI, HI

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?nid=2037

iv.        Please see this link for more information: https://www.sanjoseca.gov/index.aspx?NID=3207

76. San Leandro

i.        Manufacturing (5), Testing (5)

ii.        Zoning Map:  https://sanleandro.org/civicax/filebank/blobdload.aspx?blobid=7517

iii.        More Info:    https://sanleandro.org/depts/cityhall/medical_marijuana/mm.asp

77. San Luis Obispo County The Board adopted a resolution changing the date for which applications for land use permits for cultivation to 4/1/19. Also adopted the resolution regarding the date  that applications shall have been deemed “accepted for processing” to 5/1/19.

i.        Cultivation, manufacture, testing and distribution

ii.        Zoning CS, IND, AG and RL (allowing volatile only in IND).

iii.        Must complete a Request for Pre-Application Meeting form. Complete the form to request a pre-application meeting with Department of Planning & Building staff. Applicable fees must be paid no later than one week prior to the scheduled meeting date.

78. San Mateo County

i.        Cultivation (Indoor and Mixed Light), Delivery

ii.        Zoning:  All Agricultural Zones

iii.        More Info:  https://planning.smcgov.org/commercial-cannabis-activity-license

79. San Raphael

i.        Delivery (4), Testing/Lab (4), Manufacture (8), Distribution (2)

ii.        Zoning:  I, LI, CCI, LMU

iii.        Zoning Info:  https://www.cityofsanrafael.org/zoning-information/

iv.        Business Permits:  https://san-rafael.opencounter.com/

v.        More Info:    https://www.cityofsanrafael.org/cannabis/

80. Santa Ana – Accepting new applications every year between April 1 and April 30. If you submit during this period, you will be placed on the waitlist and reviewed as further licenses become available.

i.        indoor cultivation (20); manufacturing businesses (20); dispensary (20); dispensary (23); distribution (20); and testing (no cap)

ii.        Zoning:  M-1, M-2

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.ci.santa-ana.ca.us/commercialcannabis/documents/CannabisAnalysisMap2018-LetterSize_revised2_6_18B.pdf

iv.        More Information:  https://www.ci.santa-ana.ca.us/cannabiscollectives/default.asp]

81. Santa Barbara (City)  Beginning 11/19-1/31 Accepting Commercial Cannabis Permit Applications 12/11 TOrdinance adopted allowing licensing requirements to become effective in Coastal Zone.

i.        Cultivation (indoor), Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail-Delivery Only, and Testing.

ii.        Application materials and submit your application through SantaBarbaraCA.gov/PlanetBids.

iii.        Register with PlanetBids: https://bit.ly/2DvKvLz
Interested parties must register with PlanetBids to review, obtain, and submit applications. When registering, use category code 45300.

82. Santa Barbara County

i.        Medical and adult-use micro-business, dispensary, delivery, cultivation (indoor, outdoor, mixed-light), manufacturing (volatile and non-volatile), distribution, and testing in the coastal zones.

ii.        Zoning:
Cultivation, Distribution and Manufacture:  AG-I, AG II, M-RP
Testing:  C1, C2, P-1, M-RP
Retail and Delivery:  C1, C2
Microbusiness:  AG-II, C1, C2

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://cannabis.countyofsb.org/zones.sbc

iv.        Application:  https://cannabis.countyofsb.org/asset.c/99

v.        More Info:  https://cannabis.countyofsb.org/

83. Santa Cruz County

i.        Dispensary (no new apps at this time), cultivation, manufacturing and distribution

ii.        More info:  https://www.co.santa-cruz.ca.us/CannabisLicensingOffice.aspx

84. Santa Monica  – Final Decision for Dispensary licensing:  https://finance.smgov.net/Media/Default/doing-business/in-santa-monica/Cannabis-Retailer-Decision-2018.pdf

i.        Manufacture

ii.        Zoning:  IC, OC (with CUP)

iii.        More Info:  https://finance.smgov.net/doing-business/business-license/commercial-cannabis-business-licensing

iv.        Questions Contact: Salvador Valles at [email protected]

85. Seaside

i.        Dispensary, manufacturing, cultivation and testing

ii.        Zoning:  a)Dispensary:  CRG, MX, CC, CMX b)Manufacture:CH, CC, CMX, MX c) Cultivation: MX d) Testing:  CH, CMX, MX, CC, CA and CH

iii.        Zoning Map:  https://www.ci.seaside.ca.us/documentcenter/view/1556

86. Sebastopol

i.        Dispensary

87. Shasta Lake

i.        Cultivation; Dispensaries (max 3); Manufacturing (volatile), Distribution, Testing

ii.        Link to applications for each license type: https://www.cityofshastalake.org/index.aspx?nid=105

iii.        Zoning Map: https://www.cityofshastalake.org/index.aspx?NID=1057

iv.        FAQ’s: https://ca-shastalake.civiccities.com/FAQ.aspx

88. Solvang  – 12/11/18 Adopted a resolution declaring results of 11/6/18 election, including F2018, the cannabis business tax measure.

i.        Dispensary (3), cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, and transportation facilities that are owned and operated by bona fide nonprofit organizations

ii.        Zoning:  C-3

89. Sonoma County

i.        Cultivation; Nurseries; Dispensaries; Manufacturing (nonvolatile); Distribution; Transport; Testing.

ii.        More information: https://sonomacounty.ca.gov/Cannabis/Permits/

90. Sonora

i.        Manufacture, testing, dispensary (no cultivation)

ii.        Zoning:  Dispensary:  CO, C, CG, ML; Manufacture and Testing:  ML

iii.        More Info:  https://www.sonoraca.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/2-20-18-pilot-cannis-program.pdf

91. Stockton

i.        Dispensaries

§  Zoning: https://www.stocktongov.com/files/MedicalCannabisDispensaryMap.pdf

ii.        Cultivation

§  Zoning: https://www.stocktongov.com/files/MedicalCannabisCultivationMap.pdf

iii.        FAQ’s: https://www.stocktongov.com/files/MedicalCannabisRegulations.pdf

92. South Lake Tahoe

i.        Dispensary (2), Cultivator (2), Microbusiness (2)

ii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofslt.us/cannabis

93. Truckee

i.        Commercial cannabis delivery services,

ii.        Zoning:  Commercial and Manufacturing Zoning Districts

94. Ukiah

i.        Manufacture, nursery, dispensary, microbusiness, cultivation (indoor, mixed-light)

ii.        Zoning:  C-1

95. Vallejo

i.        Dispensary, cultivation, manufacture and distribution

ii.        Zoning

iii.        More Info:  https://www.cityofvallejo.net/cms/One.aspx?portalId=13506&pageId=268091

96. West Hollywood:  Issue related to increasing the number of adult-use retail licenses from 8-10. Applicants, as well as the scores for all applicants, is found at:   https://www.weho.org/business/cannabis

97. West Sacramento

i.        Cultivation; Manufacturing; Distribution; Testing

ii.        Zoning: Cultivation and Manufacturing:  Light Industrial. Distribution: Limited Industrial.

iii.        Zoning Map: https://maps.cityofwestsacramento.org/default.cfm?clear=yes

98. Willits

i.        Dispensary, Cultivation, Manufacture, Distribution, Testing

ii.        More Info:  https://www.willits.com/

99. Woodlake

i.        Medical and Rec Dispensary, Cultivation, Manufacture (volatile and non-volatile), Distribution, Testing and Delivery

ii.        Zoning:  Neighborhood Commercial Zone (CN), Central Commercial (CC), Light Industrial (ML)

iii.        Zoning Map:

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